Doc McStuffin's Loretta Devine Tells Babble How It's Like To Be Hallie The Hippo

It's Hallie!

She cares… a lot… about everyone, and everything, and Doc would be lost without her in the clinic.  She knows where everything is, and maintains a sense of structure in the clinic.  That said, she is not against having fun! And I’m sure you know who I’m talking about by now: Hallie The Hippo!

My 4-year-old and 2-year-old have been obsessed, and I mean OBSESSED with DocMcStuffins ever since Disney added the adorable new show on their Disney Junior lineup back in March. And when it comes to Hallie, she has Doc’s equipment at the ready before Doc even says what she needs. She’s also a savvy gatekeeper who’s as good at smelling out BS as she is at kissing a boo boo and making it feel better. And that is probably why both children and parents have been so quick to fall in love with her. Babble recently had the opportunity to speak with the voice between this sassy hippo, the incredibly divine Loretta Devine.

“I’m having so much fun playing Hallie and I’m so happy to hear that it has received a wonderful reception from it’s viewers. Hallie is very special to me and I take great pride in being part of the cast,” Loretta says. And what about her favorite line on the show? “That would be the big book of boo boos,” she says with a laugh.

Big book of boo boos, indeed. As I’m sure any Doc McStuffins fan would have noticed, the show definitely has helped make those boo boos magically disappear. But Loretta is quick to point out that on the show no one ever gets hurt, but instead they unravel mysteries and try to find solutions to the problems the toys experience at the clinic. “Doc is extremely likable and the viewers see that what she does on the show is create a safer environment for the toys to play in,” she says.

And as far as Loretta’s favorite episode so far? “Well, that would be my birthday party,” she says with another laugh. “It’s when we got to celebrate Hallie, so of course that one would be my favorite.” And with that, we couldn’t agree more!

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