Watch 'Doctor Who' Full Length Season 6 Trailer


doctor-whoThe first full-length trailer for the new series of Doctor Who 2011 is out! Today the BBC released a full length trailer for Doctor Who Season 6 today.  As always, the show looks amazing!

Confession: I am a HUGE Doctor Who fan! Although David Tennant was my favorite Doctor, I like the 11th Doctor Matt Smith.

Watch the full length new season 6 Doctor Who trailer below! Doctor Who premieres on BBC One and BBC America over Easter weekend with the two part episode: ‘The Impossible Astronaut’ and ‘Day of the Moon’.

If you are into “The Doctor” you’ll be happy to know that the Doctor Who Comic book series has released an iPhone app that allows you to read the latest Doctor Who comics right on your iPhone or iPad. Geek heaven!

According to the blog Anglotopia:

“It’s really cool — you pay individually for the comics using your iTunes accounts. They look great on the iPhone despite the small screen size and look even better on the iPad.”

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Photo: BBC/Doctor Who

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