Does Celeb Mom Rachel Zoe Have A Daughter? (Video)

Rodger Berman and Rachel Zoe
Rachel Zoe and husband Rodger Berman

Known for her incredible sense of style, 39-year-old new mom Rachel Zoe has been hitting the streets of LA to do some major shopping now that she has her pre-pregnancy body back.

Known as the go-to fashion stylists for celebs and the wealthy, Rachel was spotted over the weekend in Beverly Hills with a mini-me…a little girl that looks just like her! Could it possibly be a daughter that she’s kept secret?

Nope. Rachel and husband Rodger Berman welcomed her baby boy, Skyler, just last month.

She was spotted spending some quality time with with her niece, Sophie. As you can see from the video, Sophie has picked up a thing or two about fashion and style from her aunt. Matching big sunglasses and hats on their? They both have it going on!

Looks like Rachel’s already looking forward to having a little girl of her own to shop with. We haven’t seen baby Skylar out and about yet, but I bet when we do, he’ll be dressed just as stylishly as his mom!

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Photo: PRPhotos