Does Dharun Ravi Deserve Bias Charges In Tyler Clementi Case?

Tyler Clementi
Does Dharun Ravi Deserve Bias Charges In Clementi Case?

Rutgers Freshman Tyler Clementi took his own life after he discovered that his roommate, Dharun Ravi had posted a live video of him having intimate relations with another male student online. It is one of the most tragic cases of bullying that has ever occurred at a major university.

Though Ravi and his accomplice, student Molly Wei, face charges for invasion of privacy, his lawyers do not believe that he deserves any additional bias charges in the case. Steven D. Altman is Dharun Ravi’s attorney, and said, “I am heartened to hear that prosecutors are taking their time to learn all the facts before rushing to judgment…I can only hope that the public will do the same.”

Everyone in this country is presumed innocent until proven guilty, but honestly, why would the public have any interest in cutting Ravi any slack? What he and Molly Wei did was hateful, disrespectful, and just plain disgusting. Shouldn’t they be punished for their actions?

Altman also added, “I am confident that nothing will be learned to justify, warrant or support the filing of any bias criminal complaint.”

Prosecutors are ultimately taking a close look at the motives behind Ravi and Wei’s actions, and will then decide whether or not to include bias charges in the case.

Altman would not comment further on the case other than to say, “Out of respect to Tyler Clementi’s family, this is not the time for explanations of defenses or justifications to be made public by an attorney.”

What do you think? Does Dharun Ravi deserve additional bias charges?