Does Dina Lohan Enable Lindsay Lohan's Addictions?


Could it be that Dina Lohan is a good-old fashioned enabler? This picture is of momager Lohan departing one of daughter Lindsay’s favorite haunts, Chateau Marmont at approximately 1.30 am Tuesday morning, leaving Lindsay behind at the West Hollywood hotspot. When the photographer left at 2:30 am (hey, even the paps need to get some sleep!) Lindsay was reported to still be inside the landmark establishment. This sort of gels with Dina’s comments as of late that it’s all the media’s fault that people think Lindsay is a wreck because they take things out of context. Alrighty Dina!

Perhaps they were celebrating! Lindsay is reported to have landed a new movie role, playing adult film star Linda Lovelace in the Matthew Wilde indie drama “Inferno.”

Lovelace is best known as the actress who starred in the 1972 movie “Deep Throat,” which is the most financially successful adult film ever made. It’s actually probably a really good role. Now if her mom would only discourage her from drinking until the wee hours of the morning — instead of seemingly encouraging it — maybe we’ll get to the see the old talented Lindsay back on the big screen.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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