Does Jessica Simpsons Daughter Maxwell Have A Future In Modeling?


She might not be even 2 years old yet, but it looks like Jessica Simpson‘s daughter Maxwell might have a future in the modeling world.

The proud celebrity mama has been sharing pics of her stunning daughter on her Instagram account and we couldn’t help but notice that not only is she beyond gorgeous, but incredibly photogenic, too. That, of course, is why I’m sure Jessica loves to share photos of her although I wouldn’t be surprised if she started dabbling in modeling, too.

With her mother’s multiple clothing lines and fashion empire, I’m sure Maxwell would have a very easy and swift start in the modeling world!

Check out our latest photos of Jessica and her Maxi from her Instagram account and tell us, do you think Jessica would put the spotlight in front of her daughter? She shares so many pics of her kids on her social media accounts as it is, that I wouldn’t be surprised if she gave her a chance to shine as a celebrity toddler, too! Jessica Simpson is one of the most infleuntial celebrity moms and entrepreneurs out there after all.

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Photos via Instagram

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