Does Justin Bieber Spend More On Haircuts Than Selena Gomez?

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Does Justin Bieber Get $750 Haircuts?

Justin Bieber definitely has some famous hair, and now there is a rumor going around that he spends more on his “do” than Selena Gomez…or most girls for that matter! Does Justin Bieber really get $750 haircuts?

According to Life & Style magazine, Justin Bieber’s stylist, Vanessa Price, charges Biebs a whopping $750 just for one haircut!

A rep for Justin Bieber says that there is no truth to the rumor, and honestly I don’t know how there could be considering that Justin Bieber barely ever cuts his hair. If anything, he gets a trim, which cannot cost $750!

I wonder how Selena Gomez would react if Justin Bieber were really spending more on his hair than she does on hers!

Photo: PRPhotos