Does Kate Gosselin Have Anger Management Problems? (Photos)

Is Kate's anger under control?

It looks like unemployment is getting to a certain former reality television mom here.

According to reports, Kate Gosselin has been lashing out at her eight children more than often these days in what some people think is her channeling her own frustrations out on them.

Just recently, the paparazzi witnessed a sweaty-looking Kate taking her kids to school after her morning run.  The former TLC star must have not had her coffee that morning, as she was caught lashing out at her kids in public.

While being a single parent to eight children might not be easy (coupled with the fact that the paychecks aren’t coming in anymore), we still think that Kate might want to relax, take a breath or a few steps back before going off on her children.  It’s not their fault mama doesn’t have a reality show anymore!

What do you think?  Does Kate have anger management problems?  Should she be yelling at her kids?  Or is this acceptable parenting?  Sound off in our comments!

Check out our photo gallery of Kate and her eight.


  • Kate Gosselin 1 of 8
    Kate Gosselin
    Kate is an avid runner.
  • Kate Gosselin 2 of 8
    Kate Gosselin
    Kate minus Jon
  • Kate Gosselin 3 of 8
    Kate Gosselin
    Kate and her twins
  • Kate Gosselin 4 of 8
    Kate Gosselin
    The new and improved Kate
  • Kate Gosselin 5 of 8
    Kate Gosselin
    Kate looking good!
  • Kate Gosselin 6 of 8
    Kate Gosselin
    Kate stepping out in New York
  • Kate Gosselin 7 of 8
    Kate Gosselin
    A relaxed Kate.
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    Kate Gosselin
    Kate and her bodyguard




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