Does Kate Gosselin Want To Get Back Together With Jon?


Kate Gosselin is missing her ex-husband. When she’s not busy working on her new reality show Kate Plus 8 or acting like a diva at the airport, sources say she’s still pining for Jon.

The reality TV star, who split from Jon Gosselin in 2009, feels lost without him. A source close to her has said: “He was her whipping boy, but also her best friend…Yes, things were very toxic between them, but there was at least some sort of camaraderie. His departure made the show less interesting to people and left a very real hole in her life.”

Their divorce was finalized in 2010 after 10 years of marriage.

I wonder if it’s true that she wants to get back together? It is understandable that after being together that long that she would still have feelings for him…my guess is that she is happy just as things are.