Does Kate Hudson Have A New Man?


kate-hudson-owen-wilson-back-togetherRumors continue to swirl about who will be Kate Hudson’s next leading man now that she and Alex Rodriguez are over.  Just a few days ago, we were talking about how Kate was dying to get back together with Owen Wilson, but now it seems she may have her sights set on… Justin Timberlake!

Oh, please let this be true. And not just true, but let them fall madly in love, get married, and have oh so adorable and rhythmically inclined babies!

But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

A *source* says that “Kate’s always had a thing for Justin, and after reading that his romance with Jessica Biel is over, she’s decided to make her move.” Reading? So, like, if the tabloids say they’re over, then he’s fair game? Brad Pitt fans – take note.

In Hudson’s defense, the source says, “Kate wouldn’t dream of stealing another girl’s guy. But in Hollywood, most people believe Justin and Jessica are now all but over. They’re certainly not red-hot for each other anymore. Their relationship has evolved into a friendship.”
Apparently, Kate has had her eye on Justin for a long time – last year the gossip blogs even thought for about two seconds that she was pregnant with Timberlake’s baby.  Now that she’s single and reportedly looking for someone “easy to be with”, it might be time to make her move. “They’ve known each other for years,” the source went on to say, “but up until now the timing has been bad. Kate was married for a long time and Justin’s had several girlfriends.”

Hudson and Timberlake presented Alec Baldwin with the Best Actor trophy at the SAG Awards recently and were apparently seen bringing flirty back afterward. “Kate flirted with Justin outrageously that night, and he was all over her. They exchanged numbers in the green room.”

Of course, none of us has any idea if the Justin/Kate rumors are true or whether phone calls will be exchanged even if the number swap did happen, but it seems like Hollywood is eager to see Kate paired back up again. And while the girl is certainly single and free to date now, you have to wonder how many boyfriends young Ryder is going to have to meet before Mom finally settles down.


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