Does Kourtney Kardashian Want Another Baby With Scott?


FP_IMAGE_4170002/FP_SET_4168809Is Scott Disick worthy of baby #2? That’s the question Kourtney Kardashian has to ponder now that Scott Disick is campaigning for a second child in the near future.

That’s right, Scott Disick is reportedly on a mission to convince Kourtney and the rest of her family that he’s the stable, level-headed father figure who’s in this relationship for the long haul.

According to an inside source, Scott is trying his hardest to live down his past indiscretions — the latest of which was only last month.

“Scott is really beginning to realize the errors in his actions…

Kourtney laughed in his face when he asked her to get pregnant again — but in Scott’s eyes, taking on the responsibility of another baby would be a huge sign of his devotion.

Scott believes he was a great boyfriend to Kourtney when she was pregnant and promises her that he is going to change back to that guy.”

Whoa, there are some major warning signs there. The most important being: you don’t have a baby to prove your devotion… or any other point.