Does Madonna Have a Secret 36-Year-Old Son?


madonnaThe trailer opens with an ominous voice-over saying:

“On December 24, 1973, a young, 15-year-old girl named Madonna gave birth to a boy in a hospital in Michigan. Now, 36 years later, the best ever kept secret in the history of pop music will be revealed.”

Yeah, doubtful.  This was the beginning of a trailer for a film called Madonna.Boy which comes out this August. The flick seems more like a gimmick to try to get people to pay attention to this apparently publicity hungry man. A man who has a pension for indecent exposure, leather and adopting the religious iconography that his “mom” has been fond of. He totally channels her book Sex, the video for Like a Prayer and just general Madonna-ness. Me thinks it sounds more like a fanboy taking his mommy Madonna fantasies a bit too far, and has the time and resources to capture his dreams on film.

Do you think there could be an adult spawn of Madonna walking around?

You can check out the trailer here, but be warned it’s for mature audiences.