Does Megan Fox Look Like Steve Buscemi?


Recently, 24 year-old beauty Megan Fox posted a couple of baby photos on Facebook, with the album titled, “I look like Steve Buscemi.”

This may not seem odd to you if you don’t know who Steve Buscemi is. Buscemi, 53, is known for his roles in “Fargo,” “Reservoir Dogs,” “Con Air”. The actor recently won a Golden Globe award for his role in the HBO series “Boardwalk Empire.”

Don’t get me wrong, Megan Fox is drop dead gorgeous and resembles Angelina Jolie way more than Steve Cuscemi. But after looking at pictures of the two of them, I have to tell you, maybe they do look a little alike! After all, both of them have perfect, plump lips, with high cheekbones, and melt-your-heart blue eyes.

Is there a resemblance after all? Maybe? You be the judge…what do you think?

Photos: PR Photos