Does Megan Fox Take A Shot at Kate Gosselin in Allure?


Megan Fox, who graces the cover of the June issue of Allure, isn’t a woman who minces words. So when she was asked about a topless photo of her that was taken during a movie shoot and subsequently leaked online, she felt, uh, free to express herself. But in doing so, did she take a pot shot at Kate Gosselin?

“If I knew who took this picture I would personally cause them harm—physical harm.” Fox said. “I’m not a f–ing reality TV star that wants my picture taken all the time.


Now, to be fair to Kate, there are other reality TV stars who like to have their picture taken. She is not the only one. But let’s be honest: none of the former Bachelor or Bachelorettes, none of the Celebrity Apprentices or Survivor winners, none of the Biggest Loser or Amazing Race or Dancing with the Stars champions have come anywhere near the level of notoriety that has come Kate Gosselin’s way. The only  people who come close are the American Idol winners, and in her own way, Elizabeth Hasselbeck. But American Idol is a contest that ends with a record contract, so its sort of given it would point the winner and runners-up down the path of fame. And Elizabeth Hasselbeck is so far removed from Survivor most of us forget she was ever on it.

I doubt any of will ever forget Jon and Kate Plus 8, and the empire it wound up launching. For Kate.

So what do you think? Is Megan Fox talking abut Kate Gosselin? Or is her point more general? Either way, is it fair?

Source/Photo: Roger Wong/