Does Michael Jackson Have A Secret Son?


More information is constantly surfacing about the late Michael Jackson and his family, including his eight kids. The newest tid-bit? Michael Jackson may have a secret son.

According to, insiders are saying Donte Williams Jackson may be the son of the late Thriller and an unnamed–and unknown–woman. Donte currently lives with Michael’s 80-year-old mother Katherine Jackson, and has been taken care of a great deal by Alejandra Oaziaza, the mother of four children by Michael’s two brothers Randy and Jermaine.

Though there was some speculation that Donte was actually the child of Randy and Oaziaza, it doesn’t seem possible, being that the child was born only eight months after Randy and Oaziaza’s son, Randy Jr.

Though a source who spoke to the British newspaper The Sun said the international pop-star and Donte were very close, it’s unclear whether Donte knows who either of his parents are.

Donte–who is believed to have been conceived during a 1990s Las Vegas fling–is not the first child who is an alleged secret son of Jackson. Many believe 26-year-old dancer Omer Bhatti is also Jackson’s son.


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