Does Miley Cyrus Have A New Boyfriend?


Is Miley Cyrus dating someone new?

The 18 year-old singer/actress is said to be dating 22 year-old British actor Joshua Bowman. The two apparently met on the set of her new movie “So Undercover”.

Though unconfirmed by either Miley or Joshua, sources close to the “So Undercover” movie claim the two are dating.

One source says it’s not that serious right now, but that they are having fun together. “They were inseparable at the movie’s wrap party but Miley’s back in Los Angeles at the moment and Joshua’s in Louisiana, so they’re going to see how it goes.”

So just who it Joshua Bowman? Although he’s relatively unknown in the US, he hit the headlines last year after being spotted with Amy Winehouse on the beach in St. Lucia. He was also in the 2010 movie “Love’s Kitchen”, and can be found in the 2011 movies “So Undercover” and “The Art of Love”.

What do you think of Miley’s new romance?

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