Does Zuma Rossdale Have A Mohawk?


gwen-011510-aThere’s nothing cuter than a mohawk (or faux-hawk) on a 1-year-old… but is that really what we’re seeing in this pic? Photogs in LA snapped a picture of Gwen Stefani carrying a napping Zuma that makes us wonder if Zuma’s rocking a ‘hawk like his big bro Kingston? Or maybe its just Zuma’s mussed-up baby hair playing tricks on the camera.

I don’t know why I think babies with mohawks are so cool. It’s kinda stupid really… it’s not like Zuma told the barber what hairstyle he wanted. I mean, it’s way more of a reflection of the parents’ fashion sense than the child’s.

For me, there’s definitely a cut-off when wild hairstyles are no longer cute and seem like they are somehow having an effect on a kid’s personality… For example, babies with mullets are hilarious… until the hit age 4 or 5, then you just start to worry if maybe it’s having a negative effect on them.

Kingston Rossdale, 3-and-1/2, may be reaching an age where he starts to take his faux-hawk seriously. Then, all of the sudden, you wonder if maybe you foisted the punk rock rebel thing on your son, instead of letting him do his own thing.

What do you think? Is there a cut-off age when it comes to parent-imposed wild hairdos? Or should you let your kids have crazy hair while they’re young and there are no real consequences?



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