UPDATE: Doh! Tori Spellings Hubby Dean Accidentally Tweeted Scandalous Photo of Tori! (Photos)



I wonder how much trouble Dean McDermott is in for this one? The dad of four did a dastardly deed this week. He we can only assume accidentally— tweeted a photo of a very topless Tori Spelling.  We’re not just saying a slight peek of her breasts but it was a full on boob shot! A tweet that was sent to his 74,000 plus followers.

It looked like it started innocently enough… he tweeted a couple photo of him and Liam with some sort of game pieces on their foreheads, but he didn’t pay enough attention of what was in the background. In one of the photos of Liam, you can see Tori laying on the bed, totally shirtless.  He evidently realized his mistake and deleted the tweet but has yet to take the photo off his Lockerz account, yeah Dean…you probably wanna get on that.

UPDATE: Dean took our advice – he has since deleted the photo from his Lockerz account. But sadly, the damage has already been done. The photo is now forever part of the internet. Sorry Tori!

Photos: Twitter