Donald Trump Admits That He's Not A Hands-On Dad



Donald Trump

Real estate mogul and Celebrity Apprentice boss Donald Trump admits that unfortunately he’s not the best hands-on dad out there who will go play catch at the park with his 6-year-old son. He tells the ladies on the mid-morning chat fest, The View:

“I’ll kiss him, tell him I love him, hug him. And then after four minutes, I go back to my phone call. I’m not really a father that will go to the park and play catch. I’m not a father that’s totally hands on.”

Donald adds that while he might not be the greatest dad right now to his 6-year-old son Baron, that will definitely change when the boy is 21-years-old and looking for his first job. He added:

“I’m a good father at 21. At 21, I’m the greatest of all fathers.”


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