Donald Trump Gets Roasted; Raises 2 Million For Charity (VIDEO)


Last Tuesday, Donald Trump raised $2 million for charity in New York – by suffering through his own roast on national television.

The roast was on Comedy Central, and hosted by Seth MacFarlane. Trump actually volunteered to be the victim, ahem, I mean the center of attention, and according to TMZ he walked away $2 million richer.

And he took all the joking and heckling in stride, even joining in himself!  “What’s the difference between a wet raccoon and Donald J. Trump’s hair?” Trump joked, “A wet raccoon doesn’t have $7 billion [bleeping] dollars in the bank!”

Sources say that initially Trump wanted no part of being involved in the show, but when he found out how much he’d get paid, he volunteered to be roasted.

But Trump doesn’t need another 2 million dollars, and he plans to donate his entire paycheck to charity, though no charity has been named yet.

If you missed the roast, than you missed Mike Sorrentino (more commonly known as Jersey Shore’s The Situation) bombing when it was his turn to make fun of Trump. Sorrentino was so bad that he became the first roaster in more than a decade to be drowned in a tidal wave of heckles and boos. But don’t worry, you can watch it here!