Donald Trump Jr. & Vanessa Expecting Baby Boy: 5 Baby Name Suggestions!

donald trump jr, vanessa trump
Donald Trump Jr. & Vanessa announce they are expecting a baby boy.

It looks like there will be another Trump to extend the family throne for generations to come as Donald Trump Jr. and his wife Vanessa have announced that they are expecting a boy this October.

“We are so excited by the news since our youngest is a boy and they’ll be close in age,” they tell Us. “We have no names picked out, and are open to any suggestions!”

Well, in that case, listen up Donald and Vanessa because we have some very good names picked out just for a Trump!

1. Mark

Because every Donnie need a Marky Mark!

2. Daffy

Does this one need an explanation?

3. John

It’s prestigious, classy, and Donald Trump Jr.’s middle name.

4. Barack

At least your father, Donald Trump, would have a birth certificate of a Barack in hand!

5. Edward

I thought you could use at least one serious suggestion.

What do you think? What should Donald and Vanessa name their son?

[Photo via Pacific Coast News.]