Donny Osmond on Oprah: Watch Donny Osmond's Message to Marie (Video)

donny osmond on oprah marie osmond son
Watch Donny Osmond's message to Marie on Oprah

Watch Donny Osmond on Oprah in this video clip, where he has a special message to sister Marie Osmond about the death of her son.

Donny Osmond’s heartfelt message to Marie Osmond, who spoke about the suicide of her son in the Oprah interview, is such a touching moment from a brother to a sister.

In Donny Osmond’s video clip, he becomes very emotional as he tells Marie: “Marie, I just want to say that I love you, I admire you… you are an inspiration not only to the world, but you are an inspiration to me.”

Donny adds, “The world has beat you up… as your brother, I love you forever. Eternally.”

He recalls the last time he saw Michael, Marie’s son, and said he had no idea how much pain Mike was in.

Watch Donny Osmond in this Oprah video clip.

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