Don't Friend Kate Gosselin


kate-gosselin-facebook-jon-gosselinWarning: Don’t be Kate Gosselin’s friend. Well, not on Facebook at least. It appears someone has set up a fake Facebook page for the mom-of-eight under the name ‘Kate Kreider-Gosselin’ and it’s got a lot of her fans fooled. I knew the real Kate couldn’t have scored that high on Bejeweled.

When fake-Kate posted an update on her wall that read, “With ratings falling, this might be the last season of Jon and Kate Plus 8. I’m not sure yet,” it received over 900 comments from fans. “That makes me sad,” wrote ‘friend’ Cindy in response to Kate’s update. “I will miss the little ones. I hope once in a while we will get an update on how everyone is doing as they grow up.”

However, not everyone was sympathetic. One person posted that Kate should spend more time with her kids and stop traveling. I guess fake-Kate accepted Jon’s friend request.