Doritos Superbowl Commercial 2011: See All the Doritos Commercials Here


doritos superbowl commercialDoritos had some of the most talked about commercials. All you had to do was check out twitter during Super Bowl 2011 and you saw people tweeting away about them.

I thought the dog Doritos Superbowl commercial was funny, where the guy was taunting the dog through the door, but the dog managed to get through and get the Doritos.

But, the commercial that caused the most buzz was the one where the guy licks the Doritos cheese off of his co-worker’s fingers and then rips off the pants of another co-worker to get to the cheese on his pants. At least there wasn’t a Doritos commercial with him licking the cheese off of pants that were still on his co-worker. That might have been taking it a bit too far.

Watch the Doritos Superbowl Commercial 2011 clips here: