Dot Jones Kisses Matthew Morrison? Watch Dot Jones Talk About "Never Been Kissed" Glee Episode (Video)

Dot Jones
Dot Jones and Matthew Morrison Kiss On Glee

Dot Jones and Matthew Morrison shared a kiss on tonight’s “Never Been Kissed” episode of Glee. You can watch a video clip below of Dot Jones talking about the “Never Been Kissed” Glee episode.

Dot Jones joined the cast of Glee this season and plays Coach Beiste, the fiery yet loveable football coach at McKinley High.

In a tender scene from the “Never Been Kissed” Glee episode between Coach Beiste (Dot Jones) and Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison), she tells him how she has never been kissed by a man…and as if we had to guess what would happen next…Mr. Schue leaned over and planted a smooch right on Coach Beiste.

Watch a video clip of the Glee “Never Been Kissed” episode below: