Doug Reinhardt Seeing Jasmine Waltz: Will David Arquette Run Back To Courtney Cox?

Doug Reinhardt Jasmine Waltz
Doug Reinhardt Getting Cozy With Jasmine Waltz

Doug Reinhardt has definitely dated his share of high profile ladies, and now there are rumors circulating that he’s once again seeing his ex, Jasmine Waltz. Doug and Jasmine were photographed looking pretty cozy together just days after reports came out that she had an affair with actor David Arquette.

After Arquette went on the Howard Stern show and blabbed about his romantic encounters with Waltz, she was shocked and embarrassed. Now it looks as though she is taking comfort in the arms of Doug Reinhardt.

Now that Jasmine Waltz appears to have moved on from David Arquette, will he go running back to Courtney and beg for a reconciliation? Will he regret having a fling that contributed to his marriage and family falling apart?

And if David does regret his actions, what are the chances of Courtney Cox actually taking him back?

Photo: Pacific Coast News