Doutzen Kroes Rocks the Backpack Trend! (Photos)


Being around fashion designers all day has rubbed off on international supermodel Doutzen Kroes. I mean, she always looks chic, but she was recently seen rocking a trend that I never thought would come back from the ’90s – a backpack!

Her black backpack looked like something right out of the movie Clueless! If you think about it, carrying a backpack purse makes a lot of sense if you’re trying to go hands-free. I would totally wear a backpack as a purse, but I’d make sure it’s zipped tight so no one can steal anything from me!

Would you trade in your handbag and try the backpack trend?

  • Doutzen Kroes! 1 of 5

    Supermodel Doutzen checks her iPhone on the streets of NYC.

  • Backpack 2 of 5

    Have you heard? The backpack the latest fashion trend for handbags!

  • Heels 3 of 5

    These high heels are pretty much perfect in my book!

  • Over the Shoulder 4 of 5

    Doutzen effortlessly slings her backpack over her shoulder.

  • Style 5 of 5

    Super trendy Doutzen rocks the backpack trend. Would you?

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )

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