'Dr. McSteamy' Eric Dane Talks About How His Daughter Owns Him


Eric DaneWe all know Eric Dane as ‘Dr. McSteamy’ on Grey’s Anatomy, but he’s also a first time new dad to his 14-month-old daughter, Billie…and he is crazy about her!

The 38-year-old actor and his wife Rebecca Gayheart welcomed Billie into the world in March 2010. The couple have been married since October 2004.

Eric recently spoke with PEOPLE about his family and gushed over little Billie. “I like watching her laugh. Seeing this kid laugh when you put her on the swing, or slide down the slide with her, it’s just … She owns me.”

Any parent can understand those words! Our children do really own us on so many levels don’t they? Eric also talked about his relationship with Rebecca and how his love for her deepened after she had their baby.

And while the couple do have help with the baby, he does admit that Rebecca is a very “hands-on” mom: “There’s not a lot that goes on that she’s not a part of.”

Photo: PRPhotos

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