Dr. Phil And Casey Anthony's Parents - The Interview


Dr. Phil welcomed George and Cindy Anthony to his show today in part one of a hard hitting interview, that will finish airing tomorrow (Wednesday).  Under pressure from Dr. Phil, George Anthony admits Casey was ultimately responsible for what happened to Caylee because she was Caylee’s mother and the last person to be seen with the little girl.  Cindy Anthony would say nothing of the sort.  Cindy only wants to know what’s wrong with Casey, and is hoping Dr. Phil can help.  Cindy believes that there is something wrong with her daughter’s brain, and suggested that Casey is suffering from post- partum schizophrenia.  Dr. Phil wasn’t buying any of what Cindy was trying to spin, and asked Cindy to consider that,

“these are the behaviors of an unconscionable psychopath.”  But Cindy couldn’t be convinced, and Dr. Phil concluded, “I feel this mother is desperately reaching for any reason to excuse her daughter for her role in this tragedy.”   Ya think?

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

Part two of Dr. Phil’s interview airs tomorrow.

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