Dressing Up for Red Carpet Not Fun for Pregnant Maya Rudolph



Pregnant comedienne Maya Rudolph stars in the new movie “Away We Go” with The Office star John Krasinski and it looks pretty funny. In the movie, Maya had to wear a make-believe baby bump. But she’s not sporting a fake bump these days. The mom of 3-1/2-year-old Pearl is expecting Baby #2 with husband Paul Thomas Anderson.

When she showed up at the red carpet affair for her new movie premiere (which opens Friday), she talked about getting all dolled up for these Hollywood affairs. In short, “not fun.”


“I do my best,” Maya said. “This is super dressed up.” Talking about her pregnancy, she said, “I was sick as a dog for the first trimester, but now I’m totally fine.”


Sam Mendes, director of Rudolph’s new movie, joked, “It’s an amazing act of selflessness that Maya Rudolph agreed to become pregnant a second time to promote this movie.”


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