Drew Barrymore And Will Kopelman Have A Couple's Shower

Drew and Will

Awww. Totally pregnant (but not confirmed pregnant) Drew Barrymore and her fiancé Will Kopelman celebrated the impending arrival of their bundle of joy with a “couple’s shower” over the weekend.

This seems to be the latest trend as more and more expectant mothers are having their partners join in on all the fun with the Hershey’s-fake-poop diaper games, measuring the pregnant mama’s belly and eating loads of cake and not feeling guilty about it at all. Plus, getting to open all the presents and testing out the diaper genie in front of all your male friends. I mean, it’s the type of party all guys dream of attending, right? * wink *

Here are the details of Drew and Will’s shower, according to Us Weekly:

“Everyone was doting on pregnant Drew and asking her how she is feeling,” a witness tells Us Weekly. “She is so thrilled to be expecting, and also really excited about the wedding.”

I think couple’s showers are really a fantastic idea. Even though I didn’t have a couple’s shower, my husband did attend my baby shower with my first child and was involved in all of the festivities. We are celebrating being parents together now, aren’t we? Tell us what you think.