Drew Barrymore Fails At Hiding Her Baby Bump! (Photos)


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Drew Barrymore has trouble hiding her baby bump in NYC.

Drew Barrymore is finding it harder and harder to conceal her growing baby bump!

The mom-to-be (not yet confirmed), was spotted wearing a pink dress, grey sweater, and purple brimmed hat as she headed to a New York City hair salon after indulging in a bit of retail therapy this Thursday (May 10).

Unfortunately, Drew placed her hat in the wrong place if she was planning on using it as a decoy to her baby bump.

At this point, her bump is so undeniable that an announcement is only imminent. But could she really go all the way to the birth of the baby before announcing anything? We shall see.

Take a look at the photos below and see Drew’s baby bump!

  • New York City 1 of 8
    New York City
    A pregnant Drew Barrymore, wearing a pink dress, grey sweater and purple brimmed hat, heads to a New York City hair salon after indulging in a bit of retail therapy.
  • Misplacement? 2 of 8
    Drew attempted to hide her baby bump, but she put the hat in the wrong place!
  • Concealing the Bump 3 of 8
    Concealing the Bump
    Drew slowly raised her shopping bag in hopes of covering her midsection.
  • Secrecy 4 of 8
    It's a wonder why Drew hasn't announced her pregnancy yet.
  • Private Life 5 of 8
    Private Life
    Drew has always been private about her personal life.
  • Baby Bump 6 of 8
    Baby Bump
    Drew's baby bump is in plain sight!
  • What’s Going on Here? 7 of 8
    What's Going on Here?
    Did Drew mean to put the hat in front of her stomach?
  • Baby On the Way 8 of 8
    Baby On the Way
    We can't wait to meet Drew's little bundle of joy!

[Photos via Pacific Coast News.]

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