Look What the Brees Drew In


drew-brees-sandra-bullockSandra Bullock’s latest film The Blind Side, which is about a current NFL player’s difficult life as a young man, held its premiere in New Orleans.  This, of course, brought out the local, living legend Mr. Drew Brees (right) of the undefeated New Orleans Saints and a million Fantasy Football rosters.

Drew Brees has a new baby at home and doesn’t have time to iron.  Besides, who the hell irons a sweater?

Bullock has been getting some good press from the film.  Have you seen it?

PS – Yes, I know the title of this post is all kinds of awesome and you’re just a bit sick that you never thought of it.  I’m looking at you, ESPN.  Call me, we’ll talk.

Photo by Steven Forster courtesy of Vice Marketing