Drew Carey's Dramatic Weight Loss - A Family Man in the Making?


drew carey weight lossFor anyone who tuned into the 39th season premiere of The Price is Right this morning were in for a shock.   Drew Carey doesn’t exactly look like the iconic Drew Carey anymore!

Remember that lovable somewhat rotund guy with the glasses that graced our TV sets for nearly a decade on The Drew Carey show?  He’s been replaced by a sleeker more svelte version of the gameshow host.  Carey has revealed that he has shed more than 80 lbs by adhering to a strict no-carb diet.  He has even been able to resolve his diabetes diagnosis and is no longer on any medications.

Could it be that the perenial bachelor has adopted a healthier lifestyle in order to finally tie the knotwith fiance Nicole Jaracz and raise a family?

Wedding plans do seem to be on Carey’s mind lately.  He said earlier this year, “We’ll be having a wedding soon.  There are a few things we have to take care of — nothing that has to do with the relationship, which is great — and then we’ll be married. No big ceremony. Just Nicole and me — and her son. He’ll be there to watch his mom get married.”

It seems that Connor, 3, is a major inspiration for Carey who has put his standup career on hold.  He admits, “I would like to do some stand-up, maybe go on tour, but when I’m away, I miss seeing the kid. I’ve got a family now and I like to be around the kid a lot.”

It sure sounds like a family and healthier lifestyle are exactly what the doctor ordered for Drew Carey.

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