Drew Lachey On DWTS: Was He Really The Best? Plus, What The Dad Is Doing Now! (VIDEO)

drew lachey
Drew Lachey back in his 98 Degrees days!

Did Drew Lachey and Cheryl Burke’s exhausting “Ride A Horse, Save a Cowboy” routine deserve to be named the best in “Dancing with the Stars” history, or did Lachey just rob Gilles Marini like he robbed Stacy Keibler on season two of “DWTS?”

If you take out Lachey’s rather spectacular jump over Burke (who seemed to have been attacked by an overaggressive spray tanner), the routine is not nearly impressive, though say one thing for Drew he has energy to burn.

That’s likely come in handy since his “DWTS” days. Since then, he and his wife welcomed child No. 2, a little boy to go with the little girl born four years ago, and he’s been keeping busy appearing on other random reality or game shows.

Last year he won the “Battle of the Bonus Room” celebrity challenge on HGTV, and earlier this year he filled in as guest host on a Las Vegas edition of “The Price is Right.”

What do you think should “Ride A Horse” have been named the top dance? Watch again and leave your answer in the comments section!