Duchess Fergie Takes to Oprah's Couch


Where else does one go to redeem oneself upon being embroiled in a self-made scandal? Oprah’s couch of course! Which is exactly where Duchess Sarah Ferguson’s royal bottom is sitting as we speak, taping an interview which is scheduled to air Tuesday. Fergie will no doubt address the pay-for-access scheme in which she was taped taking cash from a reporter in exchange for access to Prince Andrew (which makes that whole 1992 toe-sucking incident seem tame). The childrens’s book author and mother of Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice is keeping her sense of humor about the whole thing, however.

Asked by PEOPLE how she is doing, Ferguson replied, “Very good,” then added with a smile: “Perhaps ‘very’ is not the right word.’ ”

“We all make mistakes,” said the Duchess of York, 50, on Wednesday night at a party in New York for the launch of her new line of children’s books. “Yet we go on. We dust ourselves down.”

Make that dust ourselves down and go on Oprah…


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