Duchovny And Leoni Renew Vows After Sex Rehab


Good news for the Duchovny-Leoni family, after a long separation and near certain divorce, it looks like Tea and David have decided to renew their wedding vows or something like that.

The couple’s kiddos Madeline, 10, and Kyd, 6, are not going to have to deal with the emotional fallout of shared custody after all. Apparently, David went all out to rekindle the spark with his estranged wife:

“He dropped to one knee, asked Tea to marry him again and vowed, ‘This time we’ll get it right.’ “

After his admission to rehab for sex addiction — a disease that I’m still a little clueless about — it seemed pretty much certain that between the embarrassment and infidelity rumors,the marriage was doomed. So, this is pretty much a complete 180 for the family.

Congratulations are in order to Tea and David, for re-upping on the old wedding vows! Hope it works out the second time around.

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