Dude, Don't Do It: Kate Hudson Wants Owen Wilson Back


kate-hudson-owen-wilson-back-togetherSo after recently breaking up with Yankee Alex Rodriguez, Kate Hudson wants to get back together with ex Owen Wilson. Who she dumped at least twice before, and their first breakup was reportedly a factor in Owen’s suicide attempt in 2007. Um, Owen — think about this one before you take her calls.

According to a report, Hudson has been been relentlessly phoning and texting Owen since her latest breakup. “Kate realizes now that A-Rod wasn’t right for her,” a source says. “Owen is the one guy who truly understood her. After Kate and Alex parted company, she started phoning Owen practically every day, hoping for another chance.

“She’s also invited him to visit her in New Orleans, where she’s filming her upcoming movie Earthbound, for the next two months,” the source continued.

I tried to list the guys that Kate has been with since her split from husband Chris Robinson but I lost count and got tired and had to take a nap. Imagine how her son Ryder feels.

Owen, some advice: RUN.