Dude Looks Like A Lady: Jon Gosselin Wears Kate's Clothes (Video)



Jon Gosselin is usually spotted wearing his Ed Hardy get-ups, but was recently seen wearing a bright pink dress.  Yeah, dude looks like a lady!

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The Jon & Kate Plus 8 star wore a hot pink dress and a floppy lady hat… yes, it’s true.  However, he’s not going into a career in drag (as far as I know) but decided to play dress up with his little girls.

Jon, not keen on the idea at first, said, “No, I’m not wearing girl clothing. I’m sorry.  I’m not putting a dress on…not on TV, not ever.”  But Mady and Cara, 8 1/2, were very persuasive.

He added, “I was like, well it’s for my girls and it’s for Mady and Cara.”

“Look at Daddy! You’re funny!” one of his sextuplets says giggling — while pointing out his stomach and joking he’s pregnant. Quipped Jon, “C’mon, my water’s gonna break.”

“Daddy was a mommy!”

Despite the fun, Jon got serious for a few moments and spoke of their family is handling the split.

Jon said, “You know, I love being home with my kids but I also like being in New York where it’s quiet, and getting things done, and that’s where things happen.

“At home you’re taking care of nine people.  It’s a lot of work, you know, and I’m starting to learn the balance and stuff like that, starting to get, like, the custody schedule down. And I think the kids are starting to understand it more and what’s going on and how mommy and daddy are working things out. I mean, we will always be there for them, you know, just not at the same time.”

Hmm, maybe Jon is getting a clue.  That would be nice.

Watch Jon get girlie (if video not working, click source below):