Dude Loves Netflix So Much He Gets a Tattoo (and a Year of Free Service)


BE0fUepCMAERf_9Hey kids, don’t try this at home. We know you may love a lot of well-known brands, but that doesn’t mean that you should get a tattoo of the company name on your body. Well, unless you are this particular Twitter user; then that piece of sage advice is too late. He already did it.

From his Twitter account, user TheRealMyron tweeted the above picture, saying, “@netflix put me on a commercial I love you guys.” And Netflix was impressed. They retweeted the photo, saying, “NO WAY! Free year for you.”

But this is a good math lesson for the kids. You spend the money, the time, and the pain in getting a company tattoo and you get a service that costs $7.99 a month (that’s about a $95 value for all that effort). But hey, getting the attention for an very interesting tattoo: that’s priceless.

What do you think of this Netflix lover’s tattoo?Hit or miss?

Photo Source: Twitter/ TheRealMyron

Via Huffington Post