Due Date Movie - Is It Date Night Worthy? (Video)


due date movieAs a parent, I’ve given up giving movies thumbs up or thumbs down.  In a weekend I can find myself watching the latest Scooby Doo flick, last year’s Oscar winner or the big weekend movie debut on HBO / Starz / Showtime.  How I really rate the movies these days is whether they are worthy of the monthly movie date night I can squeeze in with my husband.  This weekend offers the latest Robert Downey Jr comedy, Due Date, which my wonderful husband is apparently dying to see. 

Is Due Date a date night worthy film?


The reviews are in and Due Date is one for the guys.    Where Todd Phillips’ hit one out of the park with The Hangover, it appears he swung and missed with Due Datewhich is heavy on the mismatched buddy humor and light on any actual humor.   While the premise seems as if it would appeal to women as Robert Downey Jr’s character races across country to be on hand for the birth of his first child, the humor is specifically aimed at the young guys for whom bad taste and shock value score big at the movie theater. 

So ladies hold out on this one or at least negotiate to see Morning Glory starring Rachel McAdams and Diane Keaton which hits theaters next week as your date night pick next weekend.

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