Duggar Family: Josh "Trying for 25 Kids" - Is It Ethical to Have So Many Children?

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Duggar Family: How many kids will Josh and Anna have?

News has hit that the Duggar family is once again multiplying given that Josh Duggar and his wife Anna are expecting their second child. Their first, Mackynzie, was born in October 2009. In an interview, Josh exclaimed, “We’re going for 25!”

Granted, the report categorizes the comment as a “joke.” But maybe only slightly as Josh, one of 19 kids by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, says: “We trust in God that he will only give us what we can handle.” And Anna noted, “I’m thankful to have as many children as God wants me to, but nothing is guaranteed.”

Which kind of begs the question, is it even fair to have so many children? Sure, some women might be able to, but should they? Let’s assume for a second the parents can support nearly two dozen children from a financial standpoint. What about from an emotional standpoint? How do they give each child the attention they deserve? I admit, I’ve only watched snippets of 19 and Counting and was very turned off by the cameras filming the Duggars youngest child, Josie, when she was a preemie so I tuned out.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have explained their reasoning for having so many children. And of course ultimately it’s up the parents how many children to have and if Josh felt growing up with so many siblings was a horrible upbringing, he probably wouldn’t want a gaggle himself. But there must be some point where it’s just too many — and how many is that?