Duggar Kids Meet Josie Via Jim Bob's iPhone


Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s 19th child Josie was born in December and moved directly to the NICU, where the 1 pound 6 ounce preemie has been ever since. Because of her fragile condition (and flu season), the other 18 kids haven’t been allowed to meet baby Josie… until now.

After getting creative with his smart phone, Jim Bob found a way to allow his other 18 kids in the room with Josie — virtually. Jim Bob has been sharing video from his iPhone with the rest of the family. Check out the video below.

Not to bash on the Duggars or anything, but the juxtaposition of the words “Jim Bob” and “iPhone” makes me laugh for some reason.

Anyways… according to the doctor in the video, when Josie does finally get to go home, she’ll “essentially be a term baby.” So that’s a huge relief. Still, I wonder how long it will be before 2-pound baby Josie is allowed to leave the hospital?

Isn’t it incredible that a preemie with the birthweight of less than 1.5lbs could go home completely normal after a stay in the NICU?