Duggars' Frugal Shopping Trip: 19 Kids and Counting Family Saves Big for Ski Trip (Video)

Duggars 19 kids and counting save money
How do the Duggars afford their large family?

How do the Duggars afford their big family? On the Today show, the Duggars spoke about how they have been fortunate financially, but they also do their fair share of frugal shopping to save money.

One of the family’s mottos is “Buy used, save the difference,” and in this video clip, we get to see some of that saving in action.

In the 19 Kids and Counting season 7 premiere, the Duggars go on a ski vacation – but of course, they need to buy some clothing and gear for the trip.

How will they pull off saving money on all of the stuff they’ll need to buy for the vacation?

Watch as the Duggar kids buy used clothing and gear – they don’t have any problem with wearing used clothing, though the older girls are more fashion conscious, so they shop online and look for sales.

Jim Bob and Michelle have taught their kids well, for sure. Check out the savings: if they had purchased the clothing and equipment new, it would have cost them over $5,000, but during their shopping trip they only spent a little more than $200.

Does your family practice frugal shopping as well?

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