Duggars: Are Josh and Anna the new Jim Bob and Michelle?

Duggars Duggar family Duggar baby 19 kids and counting
Duggars Welcome 2nd baby, a boy.

Did you hear that the Duggars just had another baby? Well, Josh and Anna Duggar, that is. They just had baby MacKynzie a short 20 months ago, and have now welcomed her baby brother into their family. Their new baby boy was born at their home, and weighed in at 8lbs. 5oz.

The new baby is the second grandchild for Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar…and considering that they have managed to bring 19 kids (and counting) of their own into the world, I’d say they are the perfect people to babysit for the new little one so that Josh and Anna can sneak away for some alone time.

Opinions on whether Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are being responsible by having so many children are mixed, and now questions about how many children Josh and Anna will have are sure to be raised.

Will Josh and Anna become the new Jim Bob and Michelle? Judging from how close in age their first two children are, I wouldn’t be surprised if Anna is sporting another baby bump within the next year or so.

For now, let’s call them Josh and Anna Duggar: Two Kids and Counting!

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