Duggars: Josh and Anna Duggar Name Baby Michael James (Photo)

Duggars name baby Michael James josh and anna duggar
Josh and Anna Duggar with new baby Michael James

The Duggars newest baby addition has a name! Josh and Anna Duggar named their baby boy Michael James, following their M name theme (big sister is named Mackynzie).

Watch this ridiculously adorable video of Josh and Anna Duggar’s daughter helping hold the baby and give kisses.

Mackynzie looks like she’s really happy to be the big sis, even helping mom Anna out with going to get a diaper. Love it!

The Duggar video clip is from the special about Jim Bob and Michelle’s new grandson. Tune into TLC on Sunday at 8 p.m. to watch 19 Kids: First Grandson.

What do you think of the name that Josh and Anna Duggar chose for their baby boy?

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