Duke University's Karen Owen Puts Lacrosse Team In The Spotlight Again

duke university karen owen duke student powerpoint presentation
Duke University Student Karen Owen Puts Lacrosse Team Back In News

Just when we thought that we’d never see the Duke University Lacrosse Team in the news again, student Karen Owen has put the team back into the spotlight with her recent powerpoint presentation scandal.

Back in 2006, several Duke Lacrosse players were accused of a sexual assualt attack on a female student who made an appearance at a fraternity party as an exotic dancer. The University was completely humiliated, as were the players and their parents.

Thanks to Karen Owen, the Lacrosse team is once again cowering away in embarrassment. What started as a joke and an “unofficial senior thesis” turned into a powerpoint presentation detailing Owen’s sexual encounters with over a dozen men on the Duke Lacrosse team, which ultimately went viral.

With two lacrosse scandals at Duke in less than five years, I’d think twice about letting my son play for the team.

Would you want your kid to play lacrosse for Duke?