Dunk Contest 2011: Is Blake Griffin Jumping Over A Car?!


Blake Griffin in a red Clipper road jersey shakes hands.JPGSo many people are looking forward to tonight’s Dunk Contest 2011, and many people have their eyes on Blake Griffin, and for good reason! Rumor has it, Blake is going to jump over a car!

And maybe it’s more than just a rumor. The New York Times is actually reporting that Blake Griffin (also known as Quake Griffin and The Rim Reaper) will be jumping over a 2011 Toyota Corolla.

Can he do it? Well, Griffin is 6’10”³. The Toyota Corolla is about 4’10”³ at its top point. Since we know that he can get eye-level with a 10-foot rim, that equates to he can lift himself only over 3 feet off a ground. Hmmm….this should be interesting!

Need more details about tonight’s show? Time, channel, and competitors? You can find it all here!

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