Dwayne Johnson's Afraid Of The Tooth Fairy


dwayne-johnson-simoneAs a huge hulking ex-wrestler, who made a name for himself by dishing out staged brutality to roided-out giants, you wouldn’t think that Dwayne would be afraid of anyone… much less the Tooth Fairy. Apparently, his parents did a great job of instilling in Dwayne the faith in the Tooth Fairy and Dwayne’s making sure he passes that on to his 8-year-old daughter.

Is it healthy to still believe in the Tooth Fairy at age 37? What about age 8? Here’s what Dwayne told Parade about how the Tooth Fairy worked at his house growing up:

“I absolutely believed when I was young because the Tooth Fairy was always good to me. The Tooth Fairy generally left me a dollar or two dollars and, as a kid, that was a lot of money. Now, with inflation, I guess maybe the price has gone up and sometimes there’s more money under the pillow, but then sometimes it can be a treat, something cool. What if the Tooth Fairy left an iPod? That would be cool wouldn’t it?”

Dude, if the Tooth Fairy left iPods under my pillow, I’d start pulling my teeth out with pliers. If she left an iPhone, I give a kidney.

At age 8 and 1/2, Dwayne’s daughter Simone supposedly still believes in the TF, but I wonder. In this day and age, what do you think is the average age at which kids lose faith in the TF? Here’s what Dwayne says about where his daughter’s at:

“I want to be careful what I say because she might just read this. Let’s put it this way. I have been in the room when the Tooth Fairy has taken a tooth from under her pillow, but then I walked out the room very quickly because I didn’t want to look at the Tooth Fairy. I got scared.”


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