DWTS: 5 Reasons Bristol Palin Should Have Been Voted Off Weeks Ago!


Bristol Palin Dancing with the StarsIf you are like many other countless Dancing with the Stars watchers you may be surprised nay shocked that Bristol Palin not only lasted this long on the competitive dance show but that she made it to the finale. Apparently somebody out there believed she deserved to be there, is it the Palin fans, tea partiers or just some very sympathetic viewers? But it looks like there were enough of them that fit into one of those categories that she survived to dance yet another day. But should a triple threat talent like Brady go home instead of her? Yeah, I think not. Here are 5 reasons why Bristol should have been voted of weeks ago.

The show is called Dancing with the Stars. Not Dancing with Daughter of Polarizing Politicos. She is just famous for being Sarah Palin’s daughter and for having a child at a very young age. She really had no business being on the show in the first place.

Bristol is awkward and incredibly self-conscious. She is not actually an entertainer. Bristol is doing something completely out of her comfort zone, which is commendable, but she can’t, even with lots of coaching, seem to let herself really go and get into character.

She has continually had some of the lowest scores week after week, yet she continues to stay. Don’t these scores mean anything?

Dancing with the Stars should be about fun not politics. And although there is no real campaigning going on, seeing the very politically active Sarah Palin in the front row over the course of the season has made some people cringe and others applaud her political presence on the set. But is this really the venue for that?

And last but not, the ape suits. See video below.